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The Truth Teller

In The Truth Teller, Jack Buckby explores the impact that Kennedy’s candidacy could have on the Democratic Party’s slide towards authoritarianism, his ability to connect with America’s youth, the common ground between Trump voters and Democrats, the potential to make landslide victories common again, and the healing power of a candidate who refuses to alienate half of the country. In telling uncomfortable truths, Kennedy offers a radically moderate vision for America and a blueprint for bringing the country back from the brink of permanent decline.

Monster of Their Own Making

Recounting his experiences amongst far-right extremists, Jack Buckby shows how conservatives and liberals are both wrong about the far right.

As a teenager in a working-class English town, Jack Buckby found himself at the center of the biggest nationalist movement in modern British history. Looking for a political group that championed working people concerned about mass immigration, he stumbled into a world of anti-Semitism, racist paranoia, and extreme-right violence and terrorism. Through those experiences, Jack explains how both the left and the right fundamentally misunderstand what it means to be “far right” and why young men are becoming radicalized across the Western world.

Through a three-pronged attack carried out by the media, negligent politicians, and far-left ideologues, the white working class is being backed into a corner and forced to either be quiet, or get radical.

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Architects of Betrayal

Architects of Betrayal chronicles the everyday betrayals by the British Parliament following the referendum decision to leave the European Union. In a diary format, the book analyses how the Parliamentarians betrayed the will of the people, from the announcement of the Chequers Deal to the Meaningful Vote. Architects of Betrayal serves as a valuable reference tool. The British people should never forget the sheer disdain shown for them by their own elected representatives, and this book ensures that every little betrayal they made is remembered.

Extremist Opportunism

In this research paper for Frontier Centre for Public Policy, researcher Jack Buckby analyses how extremists of various stripes may use the COVID economy to recruit and normalise extremist ideas. This paper also proposes a series of policy measures for British, Canadian, and American governments to tackle the issue.

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A Paradoxical Alliance

The Left's bizarre alliance with Islam is nothing short of paradoxical. No other belief system that directly conflicts with Western and liberal values gets the same defense from those purporting to hold such values. In "A Paradoxical Alliance," British activist Jack Buckby examines the phenomenon in the United Kingdom, while American journalist Matt Palumbo does the same on the other side of the Atlantic.

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